Saturday, May 22, 2010

Soloscript Presents All Important Programmer’s Resource and ASP Tutorial on Script Chat

Ajax Tutorial, Asp Tutorial brings in all essentials to know about "ASP Script Chat" through the easily accessible ASP tutorial section presented with utmost level of perfection with the key features defined and with other helpful site links to check for. Learners can now get acquainted with features like full Source Code, No plug-ins requirement, easy interpretation of the subject matter, multilingual (English, German, French), easily modifiable look and feel, function called "kick smb out of chat" and many more other essential characteristics for the user to understand.

Mr. Andy Anand, the CEO of, provides with additional insights on the script chat ASP tutorial. This is what he said, "The script chat ASP tutorial has all that is a pre-requisite for a smooth virtual conversation while you are online. With the Script chat ASP tutorial learners can get information on how to change chat settings while chatting, how this feature is compatible with multiple rooms with full importance given to security measures like blocking IP addresses and deletion of chat rooms etc. In short, a fully featured script chat ASP tutorial for you to learn and implement further."

The ASP tutorial section at has the topic enlisted with reference link given for a more detailed analysis with more to know about chat rooms that can be created and deleted on the fly, HTML tags protection, configurable bad word filter, hot keys for sending messages, tracking of IP address, user's image library and more to follow in the reference sites. The site however, has more in ASP with a programmer's resource offering ASP articles, tips, code snippets, and a message board. The site also presents with a large index of ASP applications, components, eCommerce, and other ASP sites. has a premier developers' resource featuring over 3000 pages containing comprehensive quick reference guides, knowledge base articles, and useful products to serve a wide range of developers' needs with the reference material coming to the learners free of cost.

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Ajax Tutorial on Wireframing Approaches- Readily Accessible at

Ajax Tutorial, Asp Tutorial, the tutorial venture online presents with techniques and approaches used to create the foundation for every prototype—wireframes. All essential key features on XHTML/CSS wireframe is explained to create such wireframes through Ajax tutorial online. Along with the Ajax tutorial explaining wireframe prototype there is something to know about how to use useful class names and giving more insights on CSS Boolean to conditionally present specific sections of HTML with CSS.

"Wireframes are a great way to create screenshots and debug rendering problems that are happening during DOM manipulation. Whenever we find something looking funny during the development process, we always refer back to our wireframes to see if it’s a markup presentation problem." As explained by the developers putting up the tutorial.

Creating an XHTML/CSS wireframe is easy enough, to build the web site with the editor of choice (we like TextMate and Skedit on OSX and Notepad++ on XP). Good XHTML/CSS wireframes take into consideration all the markup changes that will happen on a web site and if done well, are extremely versatile. Keyframing, which is also known as the "Chuck Jones" approach, the Stacking process making it is easy to understand and convenient to have all the markup variations on one page and Turn on Possibilities for creating controlled screenshots, are some of the approaches that are discovered to help prepare wireframes for prototyping.

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