Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ajax Tutorial Online- Learn More About Ajax

It is fortunate enough for the I.T. aspirants to have a clear perspective of programming through Ajax technology. With so many websites joining in the endeavor to educate learners, it is a challenge to acquire rightful information that can serve you the best. This therefore, calls for the decision to select appropriate websites letting you learn to implement them further in the process of development.

Most of the tutorial websites define Ajax as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, which is a tool and language that updates data and content dynamically without having to refresh the page. Ajax is interactive and its speed and usability is used to run online polls, instant messages, autofill search fields, calendars, news updates and other things that shows dynamic data.

Sites aim it high with more to offer in ETech Ajax tutorial that brings in Unplugged Slides and a presentation on Ajax unplugged by Kevin Henrikson of Zimbra that can be followed to learn more in offline Ajax technology. You will be fascinated to learn the essentials of Zimbra Desktop, which is the next generation leap forward for Web 2.0 applications where you can have Zimbra's Ajax-based collaboration experience online and offline. It is something like experiencing connectivity while you are moving and writing e-mails, adding appointments, edit documents to highlight changes automatically, after you login to the server

Learn more about form validation with AJAX/PHP/MySQL, a quick way to validate required form fields using AJAX, PHP and MySQL. As a result of the validation done an error message will appear beside the required field and will restrict to submit the form by disabling submit button and removes the submit button in case of a field that is left blank. However, to understand Ajax tutorial fully, you must have basic understanding of PHP and to connect to a MySQL database and retrieve records, provide with username and email addresses and know the basics of Ajax to set the form validation successfully and know about CSS, to be able to define classes and ID’S to follow the Ajax tutorial explained and implement it thereafter.

Tutorial sites can now give you more information about a property of XMLHttpRequest that is the - onreadystatechange property that stores the function that receives information from the server and catches data that is returned by the server. The next Ajax tutorial, explains steps to follow just after the onreadystatechange property has a response-handling function and send requests in two steps given in the Ajax tutorial for detailed study.

Ajax tutorial offer more on creating Live Data with AJAX also using PHP and is successful in almost all server side scripting language. This tutorial is available online and can be understood with the basics known about XMLHttpRequest. More study materials, articles and scripts are offered on ‘Ajax edit in Place with Prototype’, an Ajax tutorial presented by Drew McLellan. Easy Ajax tutorial on Ajax Chat using Java Servlet, automating communication between client and with Java are worth referring online. Start learning online, do not spend precious dollars on expensive books, refer online and get more insights on Ajax. Most of the sites bring in Ajax tutorials to download and save and you might be lucky to have additional resources and topics important for you to know.

Visit for more information at http://www.soloscript.com

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Resources of Informative Ajax Tutorial at Soloscript.com

Soloscript brings in more viable opportunities to learn about Ajax through Ajax tutorial onreadystatechange property, implementation of easy Ajax chat using Java servlet, Ajax tutorial on live data creation with Ajax and with the use of PHP and have close perusal of the useful resources consisting of Ajax in combination with JDeveloper software.

“Through the Ajax tutorial section we enable users to be able to store a function to catch data by the server and process the request with a special property called onreadystatechange that the XMLHttpRequest object possesses in it. Ajax tutorial on Ajax Chat help automate communication between client (AJAX part) and with java. Your website can also have Live Data for the database to maintain as there is an Ajax tutorial covering it and get valuable insights on using Ajax with JDeveloper with the feasibility of downloading complete Oracle JDeveloper 10.1.3 workspace. More on relevant topics can be perused online at Soloscript.com.”

The Ajax tutorial online can solve grave programming discrepancies and advances towards technological enhancements making things far more easy and productive than it was before as the user can instantiate a chat holding String or a Buffer and can enter key interception and refocus on the chat entry field. The Ajax tutorial on the onreadystatechange property make users understand the importance of defining a function before sending data to a server where the onreadystatechange property, stores the function that will receive information with codes that define and empty function and set the onreadystatechange property of Ajax simultaneously. Soloscript also has Ajax tutorial pertaining to Live data on your website that can be achieved in almost any server side scripting language, as long as database queries are there in the desired language with the basic knowledge about XMLHttpRequest object. With the Ajax tutorial about Ajax when integrated with Oracle JDeveloper users can develop Web pages that read its data from a servlet on the server, using a CSS style sheet, enabling users to input text to a printed message.

More Ajax tutorial available online and on ASP.Net and tutorials on XML & more. A visit at http://www.soloscript.com is therefore a pre-requisite.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Technologies Changing College Education with Ajax Tutorial

Three new technologies are going mainstream on college campuses that will influence the way college courses are taught and students learn within the next two years.

These changes are influenced by adult students who expect to be able to use modern technology tools to work, learn, and study whenever and wherever they want. They demand these changes because they live in an increasingly busy world where they must balance demands from home, work, and school. Current trends in new technologies are affecting the practice of teaching, learning, and collaboration in college courses. This is primarily due to the impact of the Internet, which allows adult students to access their college courses and materials from anywhere.

Students only need a web browser and no longer need to purchase productivity software and data packages that are stored on servers around the Internet.

Mobile Computing: Portable Internet Capable Devices Internet capable portable devices are widespread and adult students are already using them for personal mobile computing. These portable devices include Smart phones, netbooks, laptops, cell phones, MP3 players, and more. Mobile devices provide increasing opportunity for collaboration and communication with instructors and other students.

Examples include: Twitter - students gather meteorological data around campus to collect, analyze, and disseminate their findings. iPhone and iPod – students use these portable devices to view podcasts of laboratory preparation and safety lectures. Tablet PCs – students use tablet PCs to record and analyze field research, present their findings, and compare results in real time. Mobile Application – some college libraries are providing a mobile application for catalog search, information about computer availability in labs, and access to a reference librarian.

Open Content: Free Access to College Courses There is already a large variety of open content or open courseware courses available through distance learning. These free college courses are providing a remedy for decreasing the high cost of a college education. Open content is available in many parts of the world and represents a profound movement in the way adult students study and learn. Open content is more than a collection of free online course materials; it provides access to learning in areas where access is difficult and empowerment for students to choose when and how to learn. Many sources of open content are completed through distance learning and by using social networking services such as Diigo and Twine.

Examples include: Massachusetts Institute of Technology – publishes lectures and materials from most of its undergraduate and graduate courses online, they are free and available for self-study. Carnegie Mellon University – their Open Learning Initiative offers instructor-led and self-paced courses. Mesa Community College – offers to the open courseware material and lectures on YouTube. Open University – offers OpenLearn, which is free access to some of their course materials. Their program’s units take three to fifteen hours to complete and offer support from an online learning community.

Electronic Textbooks: Cost Effective and Portable Due to ever increasing cost of college textbooks, electronic textbooks are beginning to go mainstream on many campuses. There are expected to become readily available within two years. Examples of electronic textbook readers include Kindle, Kindle DX, iPad, Sony Reader, and Noble Nook. Adult students can also use their iPhones, iPod, Smartphones, and other portable devices to down load electronic books. Copy-right free electronic textbooks, including works of literature, are available at little or no cost. Textbook publishers are releasing more titles, leading to a wider selection of current books and new releases. This is where the Internet has made purchasing and downloading a relatively simple matter. Adult students can use their portable electronic devices to download electronic text books from virtually any location, at no additional cost, and with no subscription or access fee.

Examples include: The University of Alabama – provides Kindles for students to check out and each reader provides a selection of reference books, literature, and more. The Penn State University – provides Sony Readers that students can check out from libraries for classroom use, along with both fiction and non-fiction titles. The University of Texas at Austin – uses online interactive electronic textbooks with a print-on-demand component, available in color or black-and white in French classes. The online portion includes audio clips of each part of the text and video clips to explore the culture. The significance of these technologies is that adult and non-traditional students are able to build personal learning networks using these resources. Mobile computing devices, electronic textbooks, and open content or open courseware is changing the way adult students learn in the 21st century. Educational institutions are historically mired in resistance to change; however, they are being forced to change, because non-traditional students are increasing in number. These students want to learn and demand the use of new technologies to meet their life commitments.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Now Available Online ASP Tutorial at Soloscript

The ASP Tutorials online covers free internet telephony made easy tutorials to add VoIP in your Chat or Website. The tutorials make learners aware of the conaito VoIP ActiveX SDK for developers of VoIP audio applications and webpages having new set of features like Mic Boost, Encryption Voice & Text, Voice Conference Recording (WAV), VAD (Voice Activity Detection) conaito VoIP ActiveX library for developers of VoIP audio applications, such as voice chat, conference, VoIP, providing real-time low latency multi-client audio streaming over UDP/IP networks.

The online tutorials can be browsed for the Auction a Live scripts, the one among other advanced ASP Tutorials is a proprietory stand-alone application. Its purpose is to monitor and record a live auction with real people all in the same room. The ASP tutorial provides with a detailed analysis of Movable Type API .NET Class Library for Microsoft .NET web sites and applications. The component defined in this ASP Tutorial, provides an easy-to-use interface to the Movable Type API to download recent posts, fetch blog trackback information, fetch/update post categories and download blog category lists.

Log on for more information about Online ASP Tutorial on Ad Management. Please visit at http://www.soloscript.com

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Running Java Code, Encapsulation, Java Applet and Recursive Methods- The All Essential Java Tutorial at Soloscript.com

Ajax Tutorial, Java Tutorial, ASP Tutorial Soloscript is getting advantageous with more learning materials in Java tutorial section for online learners also covering topics for the novice. Learners experiencing difficulty in implementing codes using Java, including concepts like encapsulation, running Java code, using recursive methods as supported in Java and those likely to check for more in-depth information on Datagram communication and stream communication can find Soloscript.com as the one developed for them to less complicate programming in JAVA.

"Whether it is a small group of developers working it out and perfecting the varied concepts in Java, or for an aspirant referring to Java tutorial that supports recursive methods to look into the simple acronym, GNU or getting reference from Java tutorial on encapsulation that makes distinction between an application and an applet before a program is written or Java tutorial on Java Applet, Soloscript.com offers scripts and Java tutorial worth a reference that provide with the advantage of learning at your own pace and making concepts easy to recollect, written by expert professionals, hence making online learning a better option for you." As said by the webmaster.

Solocript.com provides with an interesting description of encapsulation as given by the learned professionals sharing their knowledge at Soloscript.com with a concept that explains, data and implementation code for an object to remain hidden behind its interface and to help create an interface that remains consistent for the application to interact with other objects. The next in line for user perusal is, Java tutorial on Applet emphasizing on visual and interactive aspects of applets, especially for people who wish to create small, graphical, expressive forms with Java. Aspirants can learn more with Java tutorial on Datagram communication known as UDP, Java tutorial on stream communication protocol known as TCP and Java tutorial on the use of With Class to generate Java code for all major Java features and further enlisted are, Java tutorial with information on Programming sockets in Java, Java tutorial on using With Class to reverse engineer Java Code, Java tutorial on setting up Java, Java tutorial on Ant properties, .Class file, Java tutorial on Debugger and the implementation of DDD for debugging needs and more links on Java tutorial to look for on click at Soloscript.com.

More info is accessible at http://www.soloscript.com

Friday, June 18, 2010

Soloscript.com Emerges with ASP Tutorial on MaxWebPortal Chat module, Digital Interchange

Asp Tutorial, Ajax Tutorial Soloscript.com, the educational venture offers more ASP tutorials for good. The Californian company behind this tutorial site, endeavors to provide with all needed effective guidance on topics pertaining to ASP namely MaxWebPortal Chat module, Digital Interchange – Calendar, Appointment Scheduler - Multiple Resource and more diverse knowledge base and resources to refer and download.

"We bring to you more that is worth referring and learn about in the new ASP tutorial section to get a fully featured script to go through with easy access and more relevant websites to explore. For example, we have the highest rated ASP tutorial on MaxWebPortal Chat module with 123 Flash Chat server software which is a fully featured and high-performance Java chat server coming up with a stunning Flash chat client. Anyone new to this ASP tutorial would be assisted to embed a real-time chatroom with MaxWebPartol database integrated into your website. Get various chat clients, free 3rd party integration and more that is essential for a successful chat module to run without flaws. There is more to refer and download once you online with Soloscript.com." As said by the CEO, Soloscript.com in a recent press meet.

The ASP tutorial highest rated scripts brings in Digital Interchange – Calendar ASP tutorial which is a powerful application that will help maintain a complete online database of events and event registrations. The tutorial comes complete with Authorize.net integration and spreadsheet export components. The next best tutorial section is about the Appointment Scheduler - Multiple Resource with a fully customizable appointment scheduling system with valuable inputs letting a learner know about the plateform, date updated, version and author name with visitor rating and average rating. The tutorial lets the learner have the scheduler up and running within minutes. Aspirants also get to access ASP tutorial on ASP Simple Blog 2.3, an easy to install and maintain with an included comments system, calendar, multiple users/authors and archives, RSS support and more to learn and implement.

More on highest rated scripts and ASP tutorials at http://www.soloscript.com.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Soloscript Presents All Important Programmer’s Resource and ASP Tutorial on Script Chat

Ajax Tutorial, Asp Tutorial Soloscript.com brings in all essentials to know about "ASP Script Chat" through the easily accessible ASP tutorial section presented with utmost level of perfection with the key features defined and with other helpful site links to check for. Learners can now get acquainted with features like full Source Code, No plug-ins requirement, easy interpretation of the subject matter, multilingual (English, German, French), easily modifiable look and feel, function called "kick smb out of chat" and many more other essential characteristics for the user to understand.

Mr. Andy Anand, the CEO of Soloscript.com, provides with additional insights on the script chat ASP tutorial. This is what he said, "The script chat ASP tutorial has all that is a pre-requisite for a smooth virtual conversation while you are online. With the Script chat ASP tutorial learners can get information on how to change chat settings while chatting, how this feature is compatible with multiple rooms with full importance given to security measures like blocking IP addresses and deletion of chat rooms etc. In short, a fully featured script chat ASP tutorial for you to learn and implement further."

The ASP tutorial section at Soloscript.com has the topic enlisted with reference link given for a more detailed analysis with more to know about chat rooms that can be created and deleted on the fly, HTML tags protection, configurable bad word filter, hot keys for sending messages, tracking of IP address, user's image library and more to follow in the reference sites. The site however, has more in ASP with a programmer's resource offering ASP articles, tips, code snippets, and a message board. The site also presents with a large index of ASP applications, components, eCommerce, and other ASP sites. Soloscript.com has a premier developers' resource featuring over 3000 pages containing comprehensive quick reference guides, knowledge base articles, and useful products to serve a wide range of developers' needs with the reference material coming to the learners free of cost.

More insights available at www.soloscript.com

Ajax Tutorial on Wireframing Approaches- Readily Accessible at Soloscript.com

Ajax Tutorial, Asp Tutorial Soloscript.com, the tutorial venture online presents with techniques and approaches used to create the foundation for every prototype—wireframes. All essential key features on XHTML/CSS wireframe is explained to create such wireframes through Ajax tutorial online. Along with the Ajax tutorial explaining wireframe prototype there is something to know about how to use useful class names and giving more insights on CSS Boolean to conditionally present specific sections of HTML with CSS.

"Wireframes are a great way to create screenshots and debug rendering problems that are happening during DOM manipulation. Whenever we find something looking funny during the development process, we always refer back to our wireframes to see if it’s a markup presentation problem." As explained by the developers putting up the tutorial.

Creating an XHTML/CSS wireframe is easy enough, to build the web site with the editor of choice (we like TextMate and Skedit on OSX and Notepad++ on XP). Good XHTML/CSS wireframes take into consideration all the markup changes that will happen on a web site and if done well, are extremely versatile. Keyframing, which is also known as the "Chuck Jones" approach, the Stacking process making it is easy to understand and convenient to have all the markup variations on one page and Turn on Possibilities for creating controlled screenshots, are some of the approaches that are discovered to help prepare wireframes for prototyping.

More related information available at http://www.soloscript.com

Friday, February 5, 2010

ASP Tutorial - All Needed Online Help for Knowledge Seekers

asp tutorial, ajax tutorial, Java Tutorial ASP is a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. Online ASP tutorial can be the source of knowledge on the subject matter to let you surpass challenging issues in ASP programming. It is to execute the ASP script on the server and to make it functional. There is ASP tutorial that let the user to add, edit, and update all pages with a web-based WYSIWYG page editor and makes way for an easy setup open-source ASP tutorial released under the GPL license. This article states some of the ASP tutorials as a vital source of technical education in the course of study to know about ASP through a specific ASP tutorial, well interpret the steps and implement them accordingly.

Online websites are offering hundreds of articles and ASP tutorials from dozens of columnists and free web hosting with sql server access and opportunity to earn royalties to those with something to contribute to the ASP/ASP+ community. PowerASP is a ASP tutorial that tries to focus on Intermediate ASP topics. These websites don't waste your time with content that has nothing to do with ASP. The online ASP tutorial geniuses have all the features that lets you access Code Wizards, Code Snippets, Articles, Free Downloads, Examples, Chat Room and Discussion Boards.

Online ASP Tutorial makes it simple as they now include simple steps described for a complex procedure. The ASP tutorial now includes key features of "ASP Script Chat", programmers resource that offer more related articles, code snippets, resources on ASP application and components. All that you get are knowledge based articles and ASP tutorial meeting every developer’s need.

ASP tutorial on ASP Faq Management for IIS/ASP is a powerful and easy to set up "Frequently Asked Questions" management IIS application which could be plugged directly into any ASP web site and gives you the ability to manage your FAQ's using a standard web browser are there, for online perusal. Next you get to know by means of the quality ASP tutorial section online that includes all essentials about ASP tutorial on Content Rotator (ASP 3.0), ASP Global.asa file ASP tutorial which consists of declarations of objects, variables, and methods that can be accessed by every page in an ASP application. All valid browser scripts (JavaScript, VBScript, JScript, PerlScript, etc.) can be used within Global.asa as explained in the ASP tutorial. The ASP tutorial explains relevant components within the global.asa like the application events, session events, declaration, Type Library declaration and the #include directive. The ASP tutorials on Global.asa directs the location for storing such files which must be stored in the root directory of the ASP application, and each application can only have one Global.asa file.

Learners get to know about the SP Manual(s) ASP tutorial with a bunch of useful sites that provide a manual to ASP and VBScript, the language that you program ASP in by default. Tutorials also help in understanding the working with ASP & MS Access to learn to add, remove and modify data from an Access database. Well, in this ASP tutorial, aspirants would need a populated database and the source code can be downloaded along with the included database. ASP tutorial section with topics that cover more about Response Object and HTML Encoding with sample scripts can make the task easy and demonstrate common conversion and transformation commands that make sense to use with the response.write command.

Just a look at the popular ASP tutorials or a specific ASP tutorial that hold importance present online and half the work is done. There are other topics covered extensively on ASP and ASP tutorial that can very well contribute in meeting the developer’s deadline and a more thorough understanding of subject matter with a clearer perspective.

Visit for more information at http://www.soloscript.com

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quality Ajax Tutorials with New Topics - Now at Soloscript.com

Ajax Tutorial, ASP Tutorial, Java Tutorial Soloscript.com can now be explored back for more new tutorials lined up for user perusal and can be downloaded for free.

Soloscript.com, the online learner’s very own tutorial website is now in with its new list of Ajax tutorial covering topics that hold paramount importance. The special Ajax tutorial section covers topics like Alternate Ajax Techniques, Part 1, Ajax-Javascript on Steroids, Ajax with XMLHttpRequest to let Javascript communicate with the server thereby making it easy to get information from a database on the server, or send user information.

Mr. Andy Anand is of the opinion that, “ By now, nearly everyone who works in web development has heard of the term Ajax, which is simply a term to describe client-server communication achieved without reloading the current page. Most articles and Ajax tutorials given online on Ajax topics have focused on using XMLHttp as the means to achieving communication under the Ajax tutorial topic Alternate Ajax Techniques, Part 1, but Ajax techniques aren't limited to just XMLHttp. There are several other methods; we'll explore some of the more common ones in this series of Ajax tutorial we have. Check out Ajax tutorial on AJAX and Session "Race Conditions", XML element ordering, Ajax tutorial termed as Ajax - Javascript on Steroids to remedy the problem of sending information between the web browser and the web server and more new Ajax tutorials for overall expert technical knowledge enhancement in Ajax concepts."

Learners can get into thorough analysis of Ajax tutorial section with topics like Ajax Updater - Update a DOM element ID from a Server Script and ways to use the prototype feature ‘ajax.Updater’, Ajax for designers, Fjax and Ajax tutorial dealing with questions on How to add Ajax in-progress indicators? Not just the ones termed out here, Ajax tutorial has more to cover benefitting users and IT aspirants to a large extent. Script can be shared with co-learners through the Add script option accessible online at the user’s convenience. Not only Ajax, the website can be browsed for ASP tutorial, Java Tutorial, ASP.Net Tutorial, tutorials on CGI, XML, ORACLE/D2K and tools and utilities and Tutorials for web designers and Flash scripter. A visit at http://www.soloscript.com can make the difference in the over all learning experience.

Soloscript.com is the company, owning this tutorial venture based at Pomona, California, and is proving to be a benchmark with relation to other counterpart tutorial websites with its unique display of easy downloadable Ajax tutorial covering topics that are important to refer. The offices are open from 8am to 8pm and all e-mails are answered at the first available opportunity.

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