Friday, December 11, 2009

ASP Tutorials Online- New Topics Covered at

Aspirants studying online now have opportunity to refer ASP Content Management tutorial, ASP script chat, Gnews advanced publisher, BotDetect ASP CAPTCHA, DMXReady ASP tutorial and more in its very new ASP tutorial category., has its head office at Pomona, California, that brings in more that is worth giving a serious glance with download option available. Learners get the opportunity to refer the ASP tutorial on Content Management which is a windows compatible content management solution based on IIS, ASP, and MS Access. This ASP Tutorial makes it simple to add, edit, and update all pages with a web-based WYSIWYG page editor and is an easy to setup open-source ASP tutorial released under the GPL license. There is more to learn the ASP Tutorial that comprises of key features of ASP Script Chat namely Full Source Code, No plug-ins required, Easy for the user to understand, Multilingual (English, German, French), look and feel modifiable by anyone with a little HTML knowledge, no programming knowledge required , a function called "kick smb out of chat", allows private user conversations with whispers, easily change your settings while chatting, supports multiple chat rooms and many other add on features for learners to understand and implement successfully.

Andy Anand, Vice President of, delightfully brings in to the forefront information about the latest in ASP tutorials offered online. He said, "Learners can look for the latest in Gnews advanced publisher ASP tutorial, the online helper to manage your content. This ASP Tutorial offers the new version comes with advanced features to publish news like RSS news feed; richtext content authoring form, multi-category management, user management, mailing list, rss management system, the Lanapsoft BotDetect ASP CAPTCHA which is a website security solution (component) designed to protect registration, comment, poll, guestbook, content submission, and other online forms from automated spam submissions. This ASP tutorial explains the step to generates CAPTCHA images with textual code rendered in them and other related topics for a more in depth study for quality enhancement in ASP programming."

The online contest manager DMXReady ASP tutorial offered at holds an "Enter to Win!" contest on working websites to drive more customers, reward current customers, or expand the database of contacts using DMXReady Online Contest Manager used as a stand-alone solution or simply to integrate into the website. Contest details page is created with using the built-in WYSIWYG editor. Pre-configured contestant entry area with automatic save entrant's e-mail addresses from sign-in features and customizing winner notification feature information and implementation methods discussed in details at Online learners can very well refer and learn in details, concepts pertaining to Support plus Helpdesk ASP tutorial, an economical solution for businesses receiving lots of questions Purchase Support Plus, Free Help Desk Software, end users submit calls and track tickets. This ASP tutorial Includes easy setup wizard that supports Access or SQL backend. ASP tutorial on the fundamentals of response object is the next essential topic to discuss virtually at Additional study materials and website links to peruse are available at

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Online Ajax Tutorials - A New Approach to Learning to Create a Benchmark

If in need to know more on the latest technology of AJAX there is a ready solution to it and it is rightfully available in the online tutorial website offering Ajax Tutorial topics of grave importance.

It is the next generation web programming through Ajax. Web programmers are grabbing this opportunity to move from what is usually the case of the standard or classical technology used for web pages and introduce a new way for the server, browser and webpage to work simultaneously through Ajax. Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML with the use of nonstandard XMLHttpRequest object to communicate with server-side scripts. It can send as well as receive information in a variety of formats, including XML, HTML, and even text files and with the least necessity of having to refresh. Ajax is of an "asynchronous" nature and creating a revolution online with Ajax tutorial as your support system. Just a PC with net can provide you knowledge that will prove worth while only when you are in need for a leading edge.

It is but quite a task to refer the right resource of Ajax tutorial available today to solve browser, user and various other problems that may occur. It is to know how Ajax is one of the better ways to use XMLHTTP. The next that comes with it is to learn about Ajax tutorial termed as Ajax in Action such as the programming used for Google Maps and Google Suggest where a particular search term when entered into the Google Suggest search engine opens a drop-down list of suggested search terms that updates as something is added to the search term. By using this new technology available through Ajax tutorials online, this list is continuously updated without the wait needed to reload your webpage. The benefit of programming with Ajax is new, more responsive web applications for your website and for this very reason Yahoo now uses Ajax in their Search Engine's interface. This and more can now referred at the click of a button with Ajax tutorial with enormous knowledge waiting to enhance to better the technical knowledge that is required.

Knowing how to add Ajax in-progress indicators can serve fruitful. To get into a detailed study with Rasmus’ 30 second AJAX Tutorial, to make our knowledge go that extra mile by adding the spinning icon after "Get Results" link to indicate the result seeker to wait a while the search is refined and output is given are all relevant to Ajax tutorial. Ajax tutorial gives a lot of insight on Ajax wire framing approaches to introduce to their knowledge the concept of prototyping as a solution to the problem of representing Ajax at the early stages of designing an interface. The general strategies and attitudes should be considered important. The FAQ are worth following to add AJAX functionality to an application. Just a look at the category for Ajax tutorial and you have already made a head start in you r effort to gain the utmost out of the informative approach through e-learning.

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